The Place of Music in Visualisation

Advanced Mindset Development 

Choose a piece of energising yet emotional music; one that expresses energy, and harmony.  The music choice enables the deeper expression of thoughts through your brains neuro-pathways which in turn harnesses the energy that runs directly from conscious to subconscious delivering the whole picture and instruction of the visualisation you are doing.

Many of us have taken great steps towards attaining major dreams and ambitions over time, sometimes spending thousands to pursue what we want to attain.  What if there was as simpler, more radical way, that could transform all of this, when done regularly? 

Imagine you are sitting somewhere listening to a powerful piece of music that delivers an energy that can harness the full power of your mind. Notice that it creates waves, currents and an effect that captures your very being.

What if you could take this energy and use it to help make your dreams into reality?  One of the powerful things about music - not any old music - but music that changes your feelings from a neutral mindset to a positive one… taking us to a whole new level of consciousness and awareness.



•      First see your future as if you are already there?

•      What things have you always dreamed about achieving?

•      What music inspires you?

•      Is there a piece of music that reminds you of a more successful time?

•      Does this music also lift your spirit?

•      Does the music affect your feelings almost spontaneously?


So let’s choose a powerful and emotive piece of music. Make sure the piece you choose has a real rich ambience, personal to you.

Second, apply the visualisation to the things you have always dreamed of doing in life… maybe around relationships, goals, ambitions, and future desires.

The music should be listened to through a headset.

As the music plays allow daydreaming and ‘seeing the future’ in a deep level of sensory awareness, focused by a real sense of knowing. Certainty can be practised and the more you practise, however skeptical to start with, you will ultimately become certain.

The key to this technique is to use the music, locked on your ears, conducting a deep visualisation, seeing yourself in the picture, succeeding with your goal or dream, over and over again.


You could do this in a plane, on a train, in a car or walking in the street.

 - See what you want the beat of the music

 - Close your eyes if you are able

 - Feel the feelings that are created

 - Believe in the reality

 - Begin to know it’s going to happen

 - Ultimately manifest what you want


As you continue to see it over and over again.  Really take time to ‘anchor’ or physically link the moment and the experience.  

The music should last for about 5-7 minutes.  As you complete it.  Open your eyes and think of what you need to move towards to achieve what you have seen.

Do this daily for the next 30 days in succession and see what changes in your life and the things you seek to attain.

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