Many People Reach the End of Their Days Thinking 'what if?'

Don't let it be you! Don't be one of the tens of thousands of people in the Sheffield region that spend days, months, even years thinking about starting their own business but never do it.

I find one of the main reasons people never take the plunge is a fear of making decisions - or more to the point, fear of making the wrong decision!

Next time you're wandering around Sheffield city centre take a look at the shops - everything from the city's own Atkinsons to international brands like Subway.

And then think to yourself - they all started out from nothing.

Any business is the result of thousands of different decisions - some of them right, and many of them wrong.

Before you say "I'm rubbish at making decisions", remember your entire day is made up of making them - from the minute you decide to get out of bed in the morning to the minute you climb back into it later that night.

From my own experience, I know one of the most important things is having a process in place for managing the decision making process - one that shields you from the negatives that creep in, the voices in your head that successfully stop tens of thousands of people from making the jump to becoming an entrepreneur.

Certainly in my own business I've learned two key maxims - 'less is more' and 'simplicity over complexity' - they've won the day time and time again. Try them!

I use ten simple keys for making a decision:

1) State the task and main objective

2) Clarify if others are involved

3) Is there a bigger picture being overlooked?

4) Break the way forward into 'bite size pieces'

5) Who is doing what? Is it do-able now?

6) Balance 'risk versus reward'

7) Think of the impact success will bring.

8) Think of the worse that could happen - is it such an issue?

9) Make the decision!

10) Take action.

I hope your decision to read my column this month turns out to be a positive one!

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