Reaching Your Business ‘Boiling Point’ - Getting Traction.

Getting traction - taking your business to ‘boiling point’ is the bit that’s often missing with fledgling businesses or those that are no longer growing. The Boiling Pointidea is where you create a stagey to really push the boat out in as many ways as possible - particularly ideas that do not require excessive capital or time.

5 Great Boiling Pointers

The Story

It’s often said that negative news is as good as positive news to gain attention. Where this is true, one has to be careful what the negative story is. However broadly speaking, the thing you are attempting to achieve is to capture attention and keep it for a least 5-6 minutes. The brain’s attention system is interesting. If you know how, you can grab a person’s subconscious mind and leave a thought inside it for future triggering.


The way this best works is the story. It’s about creating a story about an event, a person, a new product or other business aspect that is news worthy in some way. For example, if you announced your new Head of Sales is 92, that would make a story, even if the person retired a year later. And it doesn’t have to be an employee. If you had someone very experienced aged 92 as a consultant or advisor for good reasonsit suddenly becomes a story people’s eyes move to. 


What are the stories you are failing to tell that you could tell?

The Review

Not getting an aspect of your business reviewed by someone qualified is probably laziness. Because it’s something that most people in business are able to arrange. Rather than saying good things about yourself - get others to say it. It will also be far more powerful and effective. It doesn’t have to be anyone well known, but their qualifications and experience should speak volumes. 


For example ‘Jeff Smith’ who has spent 35 years reviewing hotels all over Europe and Asia could do a review for your establishment. Provided the review is positive, it will be something you will want potential customers as well as existing ones to look at. And by the way, if you are finding the reviewer, you get to decide if the review is right for publication.

The New Proposition

Re-invention is always fascinating and gets attention. When a well known brand of car puts out a report of something new and preferably a little unusual, the article will get read. The only factor here to make this happen is…imagination.


In any case, every business should be constantly striving for their next new proposition even if only two emerge a year. That’s 20 in 10 years and there are too many businesses still offering their original proposition 10 years on.


Sound Bites

It’s so easy to create a sound bite.


Imagine you are at a meeting or see someone noteworthy by chance. Taking out your mobile phone for a quick sound bite from them could soon be on it’s way on social media doing the rounds and speaking up for your business.


Collecting these bites and storing them on your website is another option, and over time it will say a lot for you while helping with Google rankings.


It’s also worth considering editing sound bites, adding a 5 second brand ID at the start, or even collecting several and creating a podcast. Podcasts are currently very popular, and provided you never bore people with the expected - they will come back for more of the unexpected.

The Extraordinary Image

Taking your mobile phone out for a photo opportunity is easy. Remembering to do it is the challenging part. And if you do remember, you can take a photo of anything that’s a little unusual and sent it off into the ether with a good couple of lines linking the image with your great little message. In other words it’s a business postcard to remind people you are still there.


The Viral Movie

Do you remember seeing the clip below? It went viral and was very successful for a mobile phone company. 


This would have cost a great deal of money, but a good video doesn’t have to cost the earth. A great deal can be achieved with images that are legal to use set to music. The more bizarre, fun, unusual or visually compelling the better. This one’s a lot of fun.

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