Remote Working is the New 9-5

Things are rapidly changing in the world of business. In the last 24 months, the birth of Remote Working has taken hold, creating a divergence for companies like Regis offices. From offering full suites and contained office spaces, now co-workingis their new mantra. 


There has also been a large volume of start-ups in recent times - one person organisations - as well as handfuls of independent players seeking space to exchange ideas together and be able to work alone or with others inn a business environment.


It used to be about working in one's box bedroom 30 years ago, then expanding into premises - potentially a single room to begin with - and only then moving up to a bigger space as business builds.


Today you can rock up to a company like Spaces, sign some paperwork, produce a credit card and start working all within the space of 30 minutes or less. But before you write this off as a room with lots of desks, check out Spaces (a company which is part of the Regis Group) and their plush offices with strong Scandinavian lines, a reception area which would rival most well known brands’ headquarters and the built-in features like sound proofed booths for dictation and private phone calls, in house catering with ‘home made’ food and an array of meeting rooms for any size of group which may be hired separately.


The other aspect is the fact that more and more businesses are allowing their people to ‘work from home’. Realising that it can potentially be a recipe for disaster (you know…now I’m sitting in the kitchen maybe I can load the washing machine too), the thinking is, if these co-working spaces are so relatively inexpensive, why don’t we pay for one? For around £50 a week a company can ensure Mary Thomas is in a corporate environment while working off site near her home - without any distractions.


Other benefits concern reach and location. The fact is, if you have a space in Swindon, you can also work in Sheffield, Stockholm or San Francisco without any further charge. So in effect you would have offices all around the world. Neat idea.


Another consideration is the psychology. Working in a professional space does make you work harder, more effectively and allow you to be more focused. If you are a private individual who has a pet project, by investing in a co-working space for say…12 months… you are likely to make greater headway. Especially since these offices have 24-7 access. Working in one something has to be more effective than coming home and going to another room in the house with a family who will certainly interrupt you without a second thought.


So here are the Pros and Cons in essence;


 - your own office anywhere in the world

 - 24 hour access

 - Not so lonely as working alone at home

 - fewer distractions

 - customers and visitors can come to you

 - no need to buy lots of coffee in a Starbucks set up

 - additional office services on tap

 - reception services included plus a great address and phone number


-    you will need to sign a contract for a minimum of 12 months

-    It will be a waste of money if you become lazy and don’t go to your office

-    It’s co-working, so unless you rent something self contained, it’s not private as such

-    Co-working space may have music playing in the background

-    Months like December or holiday times would be half-months with a full payment 

-    After a few months your circumstances may change and you then don’t need it


On the whole, co-working is the way things are going. Like Police stations disappearing, so may most offices vanish in the future making co-working the new office set up for the majority of workers as technology continues support and transform how we work.


Meanwhile there is always a Starbucks type location with free wi-fi you can use, provided you can get away with ordering one coffee per 4 hours you spend in there…it is still a cheaper solution.