Are You Part of the New Slash Community?

Yes, it's official. The latest trend is being a slash worker. 

More than ever before the 'Slash Community' are rapidly growing throughout the UK. A slash worker is for example:

librarian/nanny/life coachor teacher/mystery shopper/referee

Of course it's not mandatory to have three occupations, two of which are normally part-time. However it ranges from two to as many as you dare fit into your 24 hour day.


The 3 Trains of Thought Around Slashers

1. The first thought is why do you need to have a job-slash-job? The answer is of course to make more money, however there are those who are also moonlighting in order to vary their working day. Probably the biggest slasher group have two occupations, though having three or more is on the increase. There are also the retired-slash group. These people are also growing in number and retired people deciding to do more than watch daytime television (or whatever) is more popular than ever.

2. The second consideration is perhaps - is this good for your health? The response here is probably around self selection. It's unlikely that most people, unless through desperation, are going to last long working hours that are damaging their health. Potentially for the younger person under 30, it could also be perceived as a more exciting lifestyle - all be it on a temporary basis. Indeed, it could even be viewed as a 'rite of passage' for 18-30 year olds and a way to maximise their earning potential.

3. The third consideration is the impact other jobs would have on one's primary occupation. This is probably the most significant consideration of all and one not to dismiss lightly. If the primary occupation has potential and opportunities to grow and develop, there's a lot to be said for focusing on this career path and this alone. Long term the financial rewards could be greater as a result of focusing on one occupation.


Given there are more opportunities for flexible working patterns and working from home, it could be an interesting exercise to look on the internet for what's out there. You may even want to join the thousands of success stories on YouTube and other social media platforms that can create quite extraordinary incomes.

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