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Plug-In Your Business, 

Accelerate Your Results.

The Results Hub

The Results Hub was originally conceived and created by entrepreneur Michael Bell, author of The Entrepreneur's Guide to a Good Night's Sleep and Helen Sweet who's administrative system skills helped Michael build and sell his financial services business within a decade.

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Michael Bell

Co-Founder and Host

On recent radio interviews, Michael describes 'The Hub' as a place where small to medium sized enterprises can 'plug in' their businesses to various support packages starting with simple mentorship and motivation to administrative and strategic support.

The other possibility is a well known brand that has everything they need on a national or international level, yet seek something more local. In effect this can be a business within a business. It could be a department or sector of a well known corporation that’s looking for local sales, contact and networking.

As an entrepreneurial enterprise we naturally promote and highly recommend networking, and as a result have created The Late Late Breakfast. This has been a great success with both regular members and also new visitors over the ten yearly events.

The Results Hub

Plugging into the Results Hub could be what your business has been looking for. This is especially the case for small to medium sized enterprises that are not in the position of being able to regularly engage consultancies, yet do require help in strategy, leadership and motivation for their people.


The Late Late Breakfast

Starting your day with a Late Late Breakfast could be the highlight of your month almost every month of your business year. Though there are many networking groups and organisations out there, networking is the least exciting aspect of this business briefing session. Okay, there's a great breakfast - but few come for this type of food. The food they're after is the brain variety with a lot of well qualified business speakers who are intent to share key information that could make a massive difference to the success of your business.


The concept is simple. Plug your business into services to suit your requirements.

The Hub is a network of businesses that can support each other including, accountancy, legal services, coaching, property acquisition, financial services and business banking.

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"As a journalist and media consultant myself, I was intrigued when I heard about the Results Hub. When I looked into it more, I couldn't help but be very impressed. Michael Bell and Helen Sweet have come up with a winner"

Neil Anderson, Journalist and Media Consultant


"An extraordinary idea that will have a major impact on businesses in the Sheffield area and beyond. And what a great idea the Late Late Breakfast is for networking and picking up brilliant ideas 'gems'"

Glen McCoy - Author 'Guerrilla Coaching'


"I simply love the concept and have been telling as many people as possible who run their own enterprises. I will most certainly benefit and look forward a better business future now that I have plugged in"

Julie Bradbury - Interior Designer

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Attend the Late Late Breakfast as guest.

Click below to sign up for a ticket to the next event in Sheffield. You're able to pre-pay and guarantee a chair at our next event below.