The Concept

So often new businesses or small enterprises that have been going for awhile feel isolated or simply need extra support without having to employ more people. This is where The Hub can help - supplying the extras that larger companies often take for granted.

There are of course many organisations that already offer business support services like secretarial help when needed and telephone answering.

The Results Hub however is very different both in style and concept. What’s often missing in office support services are things like strategy, creative help, mentoring, leadership development, networking, motivation and pure future-facing business inspiration. We want to be the catalyst for your business or project to grow and thrive.


What types of businesses benefit the most?

We started supporting financial services businesses, yet soon had enquiries from retail, manufacturing and other diverse enterprises. At the same time we were finding like-minded professions like solicitors, accountants and business consultants that were keen to also help smaller businesses as well as teams in large companies be more focused on success with less focused on process. The outcome was a hub style organisation that other businesses could simply plug into almost immediately.

Daring to Realise your Business Dreams

Important questions that many people in business fail to answer are:

1 - Why am I in business?

2 - Am I clear on my desired outcome?

3 - Am I on the right track?

4 - Is my business a saleable product yet?

5 - How do I maximise my time?

6 - How do I enjoy more and work less?

7 - Am I on a ‘hamster’s wheel’ going nowhere?

Additional Support Services we offer:


  • Networking

  • Marketing & brand awareness

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Team Motivation

  • Key person coaching

  • Office ‘shop window’ services

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Accounting support for success

  • Legal business advice

  • Reviews & success strategies

  • Administration Services


Business Development

Very often some of the biggest success stories in a business revolve around one simple change that was made from the discovery of a ridiculously simple idea. It's true that most businesses are too busy doing things to be able to pick up on idea gems that could make a massive difference. The Results Hub, as the name suggests, has been created to help any business regardless of size to grow quicker, better and more profitably as and when appropriate. 



The other aspect for consideration is business coaching. This can be about many things, yet the aspect that is often completely overlooked is getting the business in shape to sell it - whether you actually do so or not. The act of getting the business into shape ensures you are running the most effective and profitable commercial vehicle at all times.

Coaching can take different forms. One to One, executive, team and business. We can also provide you with both industry based coaching or general business coaching. Then there are team meetings. Having a speaker to genuinely inspire can go a long way and have a big impact on that month's productivity.

Personal Development


Post 1990, personal development started to wane in the United Kingdom and the Results Hub is geared to change this disappointing trend for those who seek this aspect to ensure their greater success. There's no question that it doesn't matter what business you are in, developing yourself and your team if you have one, is of paramount importance. Having support and guidance in this key area can often make the difference to the ultimate value of your business.


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