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One of the major silent killers that go unnoticed by doctors is loneliness and isolation. This also applies to business - which is why there are so many business partnerships. Working on your own as a sole trader can often be extremely challenging. There's the desire for motivation, and this is often easier said than done. Even with an individual who is part of a big company, their projects, objectives and desired wins can be a lonely road where some support and interaction can make such a massive difference.


Maybe you are unsure how exactly we can support your business? So pick up the phone or go to the contact page and request more information. Simply tell us about you and your business and we can in turn suggest how we can help. Remember we are running a hub with limited plug in capacity - and we say this not as a lever for you to join us, but to stress that we are not about simply signing people up. Whoever applies to plug in, we need to be sure we can actually work with and help - because as cheesy as it sounds - our success wholly depends on your success.

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