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The Late Late Breakfast September Edition

The Concept

The idea is simple. Where could you go every 4-6 weeks to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and business people where networking is a given, but you get infinitely more than a business breakfast meeting? Welcome to the Late Late Breakfast plug-in in feature of the Results Hub if you like where you can be guaranteed business gems that will often amaze, entertain and most important of all - simulate your business acumen in ways you would never get building and growing a new business on your own.

Be assured we have found great speakers who come along for more than just an opportunity to tell their story, however fascinating it may be.  Every speaker we choose knows that they need to deliver at least one major gem that you may take away and use to great advantage in your own enterprise.

September Speakers

Tony, (it’s not burnt it’s caramelised!), Papa and Sean, (it’s not fried it’s pan cooked!) Bosley
Known affectionally as the “Fairy Trikers”. Don’t miss this inspirational story with a unique twist from our own chef’s. Fire extinguishers will be on standby! Michael Bell
Michael is going to talk about Mindchangers and the Your Youniverse incorporating a 5-minute mind exercise that will change your life, (your brain will not be the same!).