Plug-In Your Business, 

Accelerate Your Results.

The Results Hub

The Results Hub was originally conceived and created by entrepreneur Michael Bell, author of The Entrepreneur's Guide to a Good Night's Sleep and Helen Sweet who's administrative system skills helped Michael build and sell his financial services business within a decade.


On recent radio interviews, Michael describes 'The Hub' as a place where small to medium sized enterprises can 'plug in' their businesses to various support packages starting with simple mentorship and motivation to administrative and strategic support.

The other possibility is a well known brand that has everything they need on a national or international level, yet seek something more local. In effect this can be a business within a business. It could be a department or sector of a well known corporation that’s looking for local sales, contact and networking.

As an entrepreneurial enterprise we naturally promote and highly recommend networking, and as a result have created The Late Late Breakfast. This has been a great success with both regular members and also new visitors over the ten yearly events.